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Glad to help! This is the slogan recently adopted by this organization that cares during 100 years to educate, and educate with quality and equitably. 
Through foundations of complementary education, enhancing the health education and collaborating with the desire to build the future of every child and young person who goes through one of the 12 units of the SIPEB Association in one of the six cities of São Paulo, the organization builds its story changing lives aiming to change the world.
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What is the “Pense e Faça” (or “Think and Do it”) project?
The “Pense e Faça” is a socio-educative project that aims to stimulate the strategic thinking, logical reasoning and the relations between strategies used in games and life situations. The methodology “Mãosmentecoração” (or Handsmindheart) provides the development of social, emotional, cognitive skills and ethics.

Who are the beneficiaries?
The project serves educators and children of the public schools, challenging them to exercise the reasoning, the capacity of planning and anticipation, the control of impulsiveness, teamwork, …